Wednesday, 21 September 2011

And to Hell with the Carer.

And to hell with the Carer.

I have a problem with chemical perfume. Shower gel, hair spray, washing powder perfume. Well, I'm not the only one! Trouble is, the nurses who come in to see my mother every day are drenched in it. I have tried to reason with them,but these products seem to be something that we all have to tolerate, if we don't, it infringes their human rights! For me though, these chemicals effect me badly, giving me neurological symptoms. On one occasion, however, the intensity of the smell affected my mum's breathing and gave her a headache. I phoned the hospital and left a pretty irate message. I also telephoned the Royal College of Nurses to ask about policy or guidelines around this issue. They thought that the nurses should respect me in my home, but said that there have no authority to stop them wearing this stuff. BUT IT'S CHEMICALS. It's funny, the contradiction that nurses who are meant to look after peoples' health are actually wearing multiple products that contain chemicals, is to me, beyond belief.

Anyhow, so they are obdurate... and I have had many altercations with them. The fact that they are making people ill escapes them. So how on earth did it become acceptable for these products to be on the market? In my view they as much of a problem as cigarette smoke and, okay, so there are people like me who are very sensitive to products with strong smells, but I wonder about the long term health impact on even healthy people. The manufacturers are completely unregulated. No one knows whether these chemicals damage everyone and yet folks actually buy things like air fresheners to "freshen" their homes with a "nice smell" that is actually a potentially harmful chemical.If you are breathing it in, you are swallowing it as well.

Back to me..So if these nurses make me ill every day with their selfish use of these products, what happens to me as a carer? Well, to hell with me, is the attitude. And to hell with my mum. It is truly extraordinary that they would rather have my mum in a hospice ( and yes, they threatened that), a heart breaking scenario for her, than just simply refraining from spraying their hair or whatever they do. Doesn't it seem extraordinary that a matter of health is subordinate to the right of nurses to wear harmful personal products? Wouldn't you think that health would come first?

Please get back if you have problems to relay as a carer in general or if you have chemical sensitivity.

Very Best Wishes to you..........

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