Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the Gut, 3

Continuing from my last blog:

Well, there are a number of illnesses that are easy victim to medical abuse. We have mentioned just two here, but it is an age-old tactic to use psychiatry/"insanity" to hide guilt in every social sphere.
In very general terms we can see this at work when we observe people in our everyday lives trying to refute accusations against them by suggesting that the person making the accusation is in some way mentally unstable. We have seen the phenomenon at work where a country wishes to prevent political opposition... in the old Soviet Union, for example, and we even see it at play in our own courts. In basic terms it`s the age old, "I am not guilty, so you must be mad to accuse me" ! It`s an easy dupe!

So why do people use it? Well, simple, if someone is guilty of something, and they can show that a witness to this fact is insane, this makes the witness non-credible. It`s the sort of device we saw in my blog where I examined victimhood: people who are weak, old, vulnerable and mentally ill lose their power because in their weakness they have become less credible.

A patient with M.E. who has a "psychiatric disorder" (diagnosed or hinted at) is instantly less of a guilt-threat to the medical profession because they are seen as suffering from a mental illness and are thereby diminished in status. Similarly, a child with a gut dysbiosis caused by vaccination, who is seen as needing psychiatric medication, also loses the rights they would assume as a patient with a physical health problem. If you are reading this and are thinking that it is too incredible to be true, I would ask you, please, to ask yourself this question: If there is a direct link between vaccinations and A.D.H.D, vaccinations-antibiotics and M.E., is it not just too coincidental that both find themselves within the province of psychiatry?

We see all around us examples of the people who are most likely to be victims and, as sure as night follows day, where there is greater weakness and greater guilt to be hidden, we see a greater use of psychiatry and psychiatric medication. In the U.K., G.Ps have been giving dumbing-down medication to hundreds of thousands of old people in Care Homes, just so that they could be kept quiet. And why? Yes, yes, we know the presented reason(!), to make it "easy for staff to manage people"(!), but the real underlying reason, I believe, is that old people, in their very vulnerableness, make people feel guilty. The fact that old people are generally treated so badly within the health service, adds to the guilt that staff carry and increases the psychological need for them and their group to use the chemical cosh. The compartmental conscience says, "they need to be medicated for their own good." In basic terms, when we abuse people, we want and need to see them as things that we need to suppress and control and in this guilt-shift device we get rid of our guilt. Make no mistake about this, old people in Care Homes receiving psychiatric medication has everything to do with shutting up the guilt of staff and little to do with caring.

More on this subject very soon...........

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