Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Classrooms: Survival of the Fittest, 3

Despite our more noble intentions,then, we can see that there is a counter-drive to support bullies rather than the victim. This is straight out of Survival of the Fittest.. Groups, in order to survive, naturally want the strongest most able people with them, and instinctively runt the weaker ones. Society has evolved to a level where we try hard to protect our weak,sick and vulnerable,though the problem with this higher motivation is that helping the weak often is against our interests within the larger group. I`ll show you what I mean:

You have a child who is being bullied in school.There is an instinctive runting process at work where others kids are doing what their adult examples do when they victimise the weaker amongst them to strengthen their animal position. The parent has a child who is too frightened to go to school and approaches the school to ask them to stop the bullying. But it`s not so simple for the school. There is guilt coming their way and they don`t want it. Guilt will effect their feel-good about themselves and anyway they are proclaiming that they do not have bullying in their school. The easiest thing for them to do, therefore, is to join with the bullying children. I can imagine my readers saying ,"No, surely they wouldn`t do that would they? Isn`t that something that would not be permitted?"

The tragic fact is that where guilt is too much of a problem, people will do anything to avoid it, whoever they may be, and there are tried and tested ways that individuals or groups use to avoid guilt. In this case, as I said at the end of my last blog, they use a "make the victim mad" strategy. Probably all unconscious, I might add, it`s too animal to be up there in the conscious mind !!!!! What many schools do is to side with bullies, okay not directly, they don`t join in the name calling as such, but they protect the bullies by saying that the child-victim "needs" counselling or medication. This suits guilt avoidance very well because the victim is then made to look like they had a psychological problem in the first place.

When I said before about there being a contrary intention, I meant that, whilst on the face of it we don`t want children to be bullied, we supply the mechanisms to ensure that bullies can keep their position as "winners" in the group. Time and time again we see psychiatry used to protect bullies. A child is being destroyed by children acting out of animal instinct in a school and because we don`t deal with the bullies, the child ends up being a "psychological problem". The bullies aren't taken out for counselling because of what they do, because to point a finger at the dominant children in a group goes against our animal-biological nature; bullies are winners, after all. It is the child-victim who is the one sent to counselling.

So why is it that G.Ps are often reluctant to help a parent protect a child? Why not send a letter to the school stating that their seeming inability to protect a child from bullying is causing psychological damage to their patient? Well, the simple reason is that a GP. is an establishment group-player. He doesn`t like to go against a school or the LEA. If he is disloyal to his group there may be consequences for him. He doesn`t want to protect his patient, even a child, by putting guilt onto a school( God forbid) and would, too, rather send the psychologically injured child to a psychiatrist or counsellor to enable a guilt shift.

It`s a sinister business indeed. Many children, from the not so intelligent through Special Needs children and upwards to the too intelligent, end up being sent to a professional who, coincidentally(!), perceives the problem is in the child who is not coping and not the school.
It is plain fact that children who do not fit into the group-pack at school... and therefore become categorised as "psychological problem children".... are the indicators of the true nature of the classroom environment. It is for this reason that many schools and medical professionals have a great need to hide the guilt that these children represent. These kids are evidence that schools want to silence bullying.. It`s a hidden crime.

I will be back on this shortly.....

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