Friday, 24 June 2011

Asthma medication: Intal Spincaps.

Hi Everybody!

Just beginning a blog about my asthma medication!

I have been using Intal Spincaps for more than 40 years.They are fantastic. I have never had an asthma attack and I just use one capsule at night at most. BUT THEY ARE BEING DISCONTINUED. I have tried the alternative in a "puffer" inhaler which made me very asthmatic, getting worse and worse, and eventually, when I got some more spincaps, it took 8 months for my lungs to recover.I also tried all sorts of inhalers which didn't work. The reason I am great with hardly any asthma problems at all is because I am on Intal Spincaps.Other medications turn me into a struggling asthmatic. Bad bad bad............

Please post if you want them to keep making the spincaps....

Best Wishes to all,

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