Thursday, 28 July 2011

Asking for help.........

Okay, so like me you may end up going to someone for help. My man turned out to be in a church. Of church-going people you should be extremely careful. There are good people in churches, of course, but many folks who gravitate to God's service are really up to no good. Look, how many people who actually bully their wives or children have you come across in a church, desperate to prove to themselves and others that they are good people?

Just take a look at basic examples of the way bullies function: My father was a sadistic bully. Bad enough to shock Childline when I called years later as an adult. And what did he do to make sure no one found out what he was really like? He was as nice and kind as it was possible to be to people outside the home. Outside the home! Clever. So people thought he was a nice man. In fact he was so good at this game of deception, that he lied about me and my mum, and his many friends he'd sucked up to over the years believed him. So, what do you gain from this example? Simple, you learn that sometimes the person who offers you the most kindness, who promotes himself as a super-good person, may well be a secret bully.The motivation behind a person's kindness is the key here.

In my recent encounter, my "kind, saintly, helper" even tried to offer me the miracle of money ! Yes, even that old seduction! To be honest, I did think it a bit odd, and I didn't think it was really going to happen, but it's tempting to think that the offer is genuine. Down the line he decided that God didn't want him to help me with money at all because God wanted him to help a bigger cause than just little me! .... What does this remind you of? Well, this is a classic way to break someones self esteem. Tempt them with the notion of being lucky, then give the good luck to someone else. Someone who does this sort of thing will have been doing it most of their lives. It is what is called "learned behaviour". They don't know or understand WHY they are doing it, it is just part of their makeup, part of their domination of people.

Coming back sooooooooooooon.

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